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Blast Furnace Minecraft – how to make a blast furnace in Minecraft!!

Blast Furnace Minecraft
Written by James Michael

This is tell you about all the information about Blast furnace in the Minecraft

Blast Furnace Minecraft How Do You Make a Blast Furnace Minecraft;- Greetings my friend, As all you know we are covering the various part in the Minecraft game like Minecraft house, we talked about the essential topic in the Minecraft Blast furnace in Minecraft.

A blast furnace is an essential part in the Minecraft it takes less amount of time to smelt the iron ore to iron Block furnace is also do the same the task but it takes more amount of the time then the Blast furnace. It is also called the upgrade version of the furnace

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As you can see the it is a image of blast furnace in Minecraft

So, Stay tuned and read us till the end. We shall not let you down, and Also if you do come up with additional doubts about the blast furnace please inform Us in the comment section.

Let us now began the our today topic which is related to the Minecraft blast furnace

Blast Furnace Minecraft

The blast furnace in the Minecraft is working on the same principle as the working of the Simple furnace, like smelting Ore, Melting armour, Tools Similar to the furnace but the speed of the smelting is a twice than normal furnace

The Blast furnace can be obtained by the three different in the Minecraft like as-

  • It can be obtained by the Breaking the Blast furnace by the pickaxe, it can be any pickaxe either wood, iron, or gold it did not matter.
  • It can also obtain by natural Natural generation means that the Blast furnace can be found in the House of the various villager.
  • it can be obtained by the crafting of the blast furnace in the simple furnace with the help of iron ore.

Blast furnace can be pick up by the pickaxe by breaking it with any type of the pickaxe it can be a gold, iron diamond.

Blockblast furnace minecraft blast furnaceBlast furnace
Hardness 3.5
Toolminecraft pickaxe for picking the blast furnace

As you can see in the diagram the hardness of the Blast furnace in the Minecraft. is around 3.5 which is not very hard but it can obtain by any pickaxe type.

It did not matter which type of the pickaxe it can be either it Gold pickaxe, iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe, they all can get the blast furnace by breaking it.

The blast furnace can be obtained in the house of the villager,villager photo In the house of the villager, there are many types of equipment like treasure Box, Blast furnace, simple furnace, pickaxe, gold ore, iron ore, diamond ore.

Crafting is the original concept of the Minecraft, the whole concept of the Minecraft game is generated by the crafting. The blast furnace can be obtained by craft the blast furnace in the simple furnace.

Iron Ingot+Furnace+Smooth Stoneblast furnace minecraft blast furnaceblast furnace

Blast furnace can be used in the various ways this way are given below are:-


A blast furnace is built as the concept of the real furnace, In which they help to purify any ore materiel to it ore. But in the Minecraft blast furnace can be used in various way,

  • They can smelt only ore block and tools, armour made of iron, gold and Chainmail
  • Blast furnace serves as a counterpart to a smoker, which is only used to make cook food faster.
  • Smelting equipment yields one iron and gold nuggets from the respective material, One’s items and the fuels are placed into the blast furnace, the block state changes to lit.
  • It smelting speed is twice the speed to the regular furnace.
  • Fuel is also used as the doubled thee the rate of than the small furnace.
  • the output is given as blast furnace is the same as the simple furnace, we can add hopper to the blast furnace and then picking items from it next time.

Custom Name

The Name of the Blast is by default is “BLAST FURNACE” due to the GUI of the game but you can change its name by your self If you want to out any name other than blast furnace it depends upon you.

You can customize the name by an anvil that can change your name and also by changing custom name tag using /data command (java command)


The Blast furnace can be locked in the Java edition of Minecraft, you can use /data command than setting it to lock tag on Blast.

 If a blast furnace’s Lock tag is not blank, the blast furnace cannot be opened unless the player is holding an item with the same name as the Lock tag’s text.

History of the Blast furnace Minecraft

The Blast furnace in Minecraft was fist came in 1.14 version of Minecraft then it came on after update version of blast furnace Minecraft in java edition.

then in 1.9.0 the blast furnace is add on the bedrock edition of Minecraft, 1.11.0 is the latest edition in the bedrock Minecraft in which Blast furnace Minecraft functionality is add on the feature.

In Play store edition 1.91 the blast furnace is only add on it.

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