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Blast Furnace Minecraft – How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Blast Furnace Minecraft
Written by James Michael

Blast Furnace Minecraft – How Do You Make a Minecraft Blast Furnace;- Greetings to my fellow gamer mates! In this article, as the title claims- we would be talking about Minecraft Blast Furnace and literally everything that concerns it.

We would try our best to bring the best of details in front of you. Trust us, after reading this article,

you will not have to consult any other account as we have solutions and steps that are super easy to follow.

Stay tuned and read us till the end. We shall not let you down. Also, in case you do come up with additional doubts,

drop us your query or even a suggestion for that matter, so that we can see to it and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Let us now help you take a look at everything that concerns blast furnace Minecraft

Minecraft Blast Furnace

The blast in Minecraft that you would witness is quite similar to the furnace you must have witnessed for real.

That’s the best part of the game. At this point, talking about how great the graphics already are would be rather foolish or more of an understatement.

We know how cool Minecraft as a game overall is, right? In this article, we would talk about everything you’d need to know about the new block in Minecraft.

To make this simple, follow the Minecraft blast furnace recipe points given Below-

  • First of all, in order to build a blast furnace in Minecraft, you have to select it. And in case you don’t have one, you know that you can always craft one.
  • Once you’re done with your crafting, make sure you add fuel to it.
  • Place the item you would smelt. For instance, let us choose a diamond ore. Flames will be visible smelting the diamond ore out of which a diamond would appear.
  • Since you have smelled a diamond, move it to your inventory. And that’s how you are supposed to use a blast Furnace in Minecraft!

Overall, you would require 11 cobblestones and 5 iron bars. Place your furnace wherever you want and start it off by smelting up the cobblestones.

This cobblestone would smelt itself into a really smooth stone or just in simple stone and throw it back into the furnace.

The output would be a smooth stone. Now, this new smooth stone is what is required to build a blast furnace.

You can also add an iron one. Now you can place it in whatever direction or way you want.

How To Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Before we get to the “how” Minecraft Blast Furnace, it would be wise to know what do we use blast furnaces in Minecraft for?

The only possible explanation is that it is only possible to smelt ore. You can always smelt all of these ores.

Most notably, you’d be using iron and gold. Now, what is the reason to make a blast furnace, overall?

The reason is the blast furnace will smelt your furnace twice as fast.

Talking about how to use Blast Furnace Minecraft, there has always been a certain kind of confusion.

But let me assure you gamers reading this, after this article, any sort of confusion is going to be put aside.

The first misconception concerning Minecraft Blast Furnace is that they are fast furnaces when actually they are not!

Any Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe has two crucial ingredients. The first thing you’ve to know about Blast Furnaces is that they only smelt metal objects.

They’ll instead do old pieces of armor. For instance, if you want to smelt down nuggets in order to make new ingots,

the thing to know is that you can only smelt metal in a blast furnace.

And that’s pretty much what concerns using a Minecraft Blast Furnace. Blast Furnace Recipe Minecraft is not too hard to understand.

And it’s actually quite simple.

How to use a blast furance in minecraft

Hope this article has helped you clear any doubts concerning Blast Furnaces in Minecraft.

In case you are still dubious about anything, do remember to drop in suggestions or queries so that they can be addressed directly by our team.

How to Make A Minecraft Slime Farm

Hello and welcome to yet another article concerning Minecraft Slime Farm this time.

We would, in this article, bring to you details concerning slime farm in Minecraft. What exactly is a slime farm Minecraft and how do we make one for ourselves

everything shall be discussed in great depth in order to help you understand the process and the experience, overall.

About Slim Farm

In order to provide you a subtle idea of Minecraft Slime Farm, carry on reading as you’re about to be filled in with details such as what are Minecraft Slime Farms

how do they spawn, and how to set up an effective Minecraft slime farm in your own world.

You have to dig down below level 40 and you have to take down half a world in order to slime chunk finder.

This is very time-consuming, evidently. But these things never down the spirit of a gamer, am I right?

In 12.1, the slime chunks you find aren’t very reliable as they were in earlier Minecraft versions.

How To Make a Slime Farm

In this article concerning how to build a slime farm, we’d be focusing on building a survival friendly slime farm. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

  • So for this build, per pod, we would require 3 cactus, 1 sand, 24 hoppers, 2 chests, 24 bits of carpet (any color of your choice), 36 slabs, 8 fences, 16 stained glass panes, and at last, a pumpkin. Use white wool so that you can easily delete out as well. That will come in handy later on.
  • Now, talking about the making of slime farm Minecraft 1.14, first of all, look for a stamp biome. The slime spawns naturally within these biomes, especially when the moon is full. After that, clear off the place and start off.
  • Now build in two cactus that is growing in the swamp that is surrounded by two rows of hoppers pointing into a chest. These hoppers have to be covered up with carpets. Carpets will allow you to have stuff that falls on top of it pass through it when it’s on a hopper. Images concerning this procedure are shown here-
Minecraft Carpets
  • Add a stone brick slab on top of the cactus. Surround that with more slabs just so we can build on top and then delete it.
  • Build a fence on top of it and once that is done, delete the slabs around it excluding the one in the middle.
  • Use a stained glass outside the fence. Add the panes within them. Now inside this build, we will spawn the iron golem. Once you’ve built that, finish it off by adding a pumpkin, and boom- you have your iron golem that is perfect as a bait!
  • Build a slab on top of your structure to prevent skeletons from shooting arrows at it. This shall minimize the risk overall. Copy the same procedure 30 blocks away.
  • Now in the middle of these two structures is where our slime will spawn. 30 blocks apart are actually the widest possible catching area for your slime. As far as Minecraft Slime Chunk Finders are concerned, one must know to observe the slime spawns. Unlike Automatic Slime Farms, this way is much more effective and doesn’t consume that much time.

So, that was all about Minecraft Slime Farms. And in case you still are dubious about anything,

feel free to drop in your queries in our comment section. Happy Gaming, you all!

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