How to Make a Map in Minecraft? Xbox One – PS4

How to make a map in minecraft
Written by David William

How to Make a Map in Minecraft? Xbox One – PS4:- Welcome to all our game lovers reading this article. Hope you all are great and having an amazing time exploring your own world of the game out there. In this article, we’ll be talking about the Minecraft maps recipe in detail.

Everything will be talked about in great depth. And everything that concerns Minecraft and maps will be brought to you via this article. So, stay with us and carry on reading until the very end. Let’s get started!

Minecraft maps recipe is details that are based on the surface of Overworld and The End. You can use them to plot areas on them as well. To give you a better idea, we would say that there is a whole variety of maps to choose from. Whether you decide to play solo or with friends,

you can easily access Minecraft maps and use them then and there. These maps are custom created and when you start off on a simple adventure, you can end up landing into an epic story that you created on your own! Now, how fun is that, right? Using Free Minecraft maps broadens your imagination and enables you to explore endlessly.

Not just that. In this article, we will also be talking about How to make a map in Minecraft. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

🔄 How To Find a Map In Minecraft

Finding an exploration Minecraft map is super easy. We will be explaining steps that concern how to find an exploration map in Minecraft. Just follow our steps given below and you shall be able to find one in no time!

  • Explore some places and look for a cartographer village.
  • These villagers are pretty easily found randomly in villages.
  • Now in order to unlock the exploration Minecraft map trades, you are required to do some trading. This can take up some of your time, but voila, you’ll eventually have an exploration map to yourself in no time!

✅ How To Make a Map In Minecraft

The first step before getting into our adventures, it shall be wise on our part to understand a little bit of information that concerns How to make a map in Minecraft. There are different types of Minecraft maps you’d learn about while you’re at it. If we were to name some, we would say that there are actually two kinds of maps that you’d find in Minecraft

  • The first one is the Minecraft regular map or the Minecraft basic map (zoom level 0) that has 128×128 blocks. Then a zoom level 1 which has 256×256 blocks. Zoom level 2 with 512×512 blocks. This goes on up to a zoom level 3 with 1024×1024 blocks. The Regular Map does not track you or the number of players involved.
  • There is a Locator Map that shows icons on the maps of other people in the game, including your own whereabouts. You’ll know where you are because of a Locator Map.

To make ourselves clear, we will be providing you with steps to follow so that things remain hassle-free. We will be discussing basic ways to create a Minecraft map. The steps are given below-

  • Collect some sugarcane to make some paper. Craft them so that you can get some nice and clean sheets of paper.
  • Now what you have to do is take your compass and place it in the center. Once that is done, place your sheets of paper around it in the crafting box. And voila, you just made yourself a map in Minecraft.

🏅 Required Materials To Make a Map

In this segment, we will be discussing what all are required when it comes to how to make a map in Minecraft In the previously mentioned step, we have thoroughly discussed a method that makes a Minecraft Map. What makes this segment different is the fact that here we would be focusing entirely on the materials that we will be using. How important they are to us.

  • First of all, let’s take a set of papers. Now we move towards our crafting box where we would be having some sugarcane and most importantly, a compass.
  • For a compass, we use four pieces of the iron ingot, a pile of Redstone dust and there we have a compass!
  • Take your paper sheets and spread it at the corners of the crafting square (check out the image we’ve attached) and place the compass in the center of the square.

The method of making big maps in Minecraft is super easy because the requirements are very less. You literally need-

  • Sugarcane
  • Paper sheets
  • A compass

🚀 How To Use Maps In Minecraft

We’ve spoken about Minecraft recipes map individually, how to find them, and the materials that are required to craft one. Now as we move ahead, we will be talking about how to use a map in Minecraft. Nothing is difficult or extremely complicated. You just need some focus and patience.

  • Once we have crafted our map, it will automatically outline the world you will be exploring. And you’ll realize that while you’re proceeding, the map draws on itself.
  •  The map will center on where you have created it. Minecraft maps are also very limited. You may have to feed another map that has a different starting point and then proceed your way.
  • You will notice a little white dot at the corner of your map which is actually your location. The closer you get to your location, the bigger this dot gets.
  • Use cardinal points like North, South, East, and West to find the direction of the travel needed. This direction system can be used for any sort of map in Minecraft. The F3 main screen shall show you the direction you need to see. The direction can also be determined by the sun. The universal law is applicable in the game as well.
  •  Whenever you’re traveling, you can place your map in your offhand.
  •  Travelling can be done in the nether as well, but the problem is that your map will update you with nothing over there.
  •  The closer you get to your destination, your map will simultaneously add details to it.

 And that’s it! You have just learned everything that concerns how to use a map in Minecraft. This method is applicable to an ocean explorer map in Minecraft as well.

👆 How to Use a Map In Minecraft Ps4

Before talking about making a map in Minecraft PS4, you have to understand that this feature is enabled in Minecraft 1.91 PS4 Latest update. You would see the cartography table which will be providing you with an easier map crafting functionality.

If we were to talk about Windows 10, instead of 8, we would require 9 sheets of paper and a compass while crafting like the regular process that we followed in PC, XBOX, and PS where we used 8 sheets of paper. By this, we understand that there is an obvious difference in the grids when it comes to PS4s.

Other than these technicalities, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the process. Here too, we are using sugarcane for crafting sheets of paper which are further used with a compass to craft a Minecraft map.

💰 How to use Map In Minecraft Xbox

Now moving on to making a map in Minecraft Xbox one, we’ll be discussing a level 4 map. Use a locator map with a compass or just a regular map which frankly would be a better option. Since the maps in Minecraft Xbox include 25 maps.

Talking about how to use the Minecraft map, we have come up with some tips that you can follow as mentioned below-

  • What makes this version of Minecraft different from the PC version is that the map will always cover a specific area.
  • This map can tell you the direction you’re at which place exactly you’re at. And here is where multiple maps come in. For instance, if you’re in survival mode and have experienced the full map you have, you will have resources that enable you to craft a new map as well.
  • You actually have a variety of 25 maps to choose from, so it’s 1024 divided by 5 is 1024 perfectly which actually means that it fits in perfectly 25 maps. And when you’ve understood this, you can actually map off the entire world if you’re smart. With these 25 maps, you can do this on a larger scale if you place them logically.

We really hope we’ve managed to help you out with how to use maps in Minecraft on an Xbox. That was all about it so far.

Considering the whole article that concerns How to make a map in Minecraft, different types of them and how to craft one and how to use them in Xbox and PS4– in case you have a query or are dubious about something, leave us a comment in the box below so that our team gets back to you ASAP! Till then keep on playing and Peace Out!

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