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How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Free ᐈ Full Unlock

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Free
Written by James Michael

How to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Free- Today in this article, we’ll be talking about how you can get Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition for free in 2020, provided you’ve already had a Minecraft account for years already.

So in case you’ve had that Minecraft account, and it happens to be older than October 19th, 2018- well, guess what?

You are entitled to have a free copy of the Windows 10 version, which is becoming the primary version you want to play the absolutely up-to-date

a version of Minecraft and you can very easily find it and further Minecraft windows 10 edition free download it from Microsoft Store that is essentially found on literally any windows laptop or computer.

This is easy access on how to get Minecraft on PC for free.

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Now in order to get access to this, go to your Mojang account. Once you go to your Mojang account

you’ll log in and will get access to see what all games you’ve got out there on the net. Now what you’re looking for there,

is a section under Minecraft for Windows 10 which has a button somewhere called Redeem that will allow you to walk through the steps to your access to your free copy of Minecraft for Windows 10 for free.

Once you’ve got that redeemed, you can simply open it like any other copy of Minecraft and then log in.

The only difference is that it runs through the Xbox system or the Windows 10 Microsoft Network so you go ahead and can get all your stuff.

It’s also worth noting that if you want to have everything- skins, back, or any other various account settings,

you’ll have to figure it out by digging around and setting it all up again. By this, it’s clear that nothing is carried over from the previous account which is your original Minecraft Account.

All of that stuff is usually saved on your computer, so you ought to do stuff like re-upload your skin previously saved on your Mojang Website.

What Is a Minecraft Account For?

Let us dive into the details of a Minecraft windows 10 free and why exactly does one need an account.

Beginning from 2009, when a version of an online game called Minecraft began doing the rounds on the internet for PC gamers essentially,

it was something of a great deal and updated as long as users gave feedback. Minecraft had a very unique look and feel to itself.

For us gamers out there, calling Minecraft a simple “game” would just undercut its impact straightaway.

There are two different accounts that have to do with Minecraft-

  • MINECRAFT ACCOUNT- This was the very beginning of logging into your Minecraft Account.
  • MOJANG ACCOUNT- Talking about Mojang Accounts, this was a single account that accesses all of your Mojang Games.

These Minecraft Accounts basically were access to Minecraft through your PC. Mojang Accounts further came forth as a successor wherein one has a single account to use all Mojang games.

Instead of using any prior Minecraft Account, now all you have to do is create a Mojang Account which will grant you access to all your Mojang Games.

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Minecraft Free If You Have An Accounts

On a Minecraft Windows 10 edition, it indeed is completely free if it’s on your PC already. Other than that

it costs $26.95 USD to grab your hands at the original Minecraft Account which won’t further ask you to pay for anything more unless you are making an in-game-purchase.

But that’s not the case as what you want is a Minecraft for Windows 10 for free and you have easy access to it.

How to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Free

Certain steps are of course required to be followed in order to sign in to your Mojang Account. Follow this-

  • Sign in to your Mojang Account.
  • Instead of looking up, scroll down and you’d find an option that says Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. Click on claim your free copy.
  • A Microsoft page opens that allows you to redeem your code for the game. This may ask you to sign in to your Microsoft Account as well.
  • Here, you’d see the Minecraft Windows 10 Code Generator. Once the code is there, hit on “redeem” and you’re good to go!

You shall find the game in your apps now.

Step By Step Guide To Get Minecraft Window 10 For Free

Talking about Minecraft windows 10 edition unlock the full game, here we will be following a step-by-step guide on how to get Minecraft windows 10 for free possible.

Before we get entirely into this, we’ve to know that there’s a catch to this. One has to own the Java Edition for this.

The time of your purchase doesn’t really matter. If you bought Minecraft ten years ago,

you’ll be able to get the Minecraft Windows 10 edition for free. Let’s get into the Minecraft Free steps now, folks!

  • Open Google Chrome and type in instead of going to where you’ll be taken to Minecraft’s website.
  • Now begin with the sign in. What you’ll see after that, will look something like this-
Free Minecraft Skins - ALL the information about minecraft House,Minecraft blast furnace ,Minecraft animal All the essential thing in the Minecraft.

If you don’t see this page, you’ve probably done something wrong.

  • You’ll find an option that says Microsoft for Windows 10. If you’ve bought Minecraft job edition during whatever period of time with Minecraft and with Windows 10, it was for free!
  • Now click on claim your free copy which takes you to a Microsoft sign in.
Free Minecraft Skins - ALL the information about minecraft House,Minecraft blast furnace ,Minecraft animal All the essential thing in the Minecraft.

You’ve to use the same account you use to sign in to your Xbox Live. Even if you don’t have one, make one. No biggie.

This will simply associate you Minecraft Windows 10 with your Microsoft Account.

Now once you search for Minecraft after redeeming it, you’ll have, Minecraft windows 10 edition free.

You’ll realize it says you own this game. With this, install it and you’re good to go!

This was all about how to get Minecraft for Windows 10 Account for Free. We’ve understood factors that make our installation safe and a speedy one.

Especially when you have a Minecraft Windows 10 Key.

Half of the job is done there as it’s the correct software for it and most importantly gives us the free version of it by following simple five or six steps- which can be time-consuming

but will eventually give you your free version of Minecraft.

Things may have been a little different and difficult with just a Minecraft Account, we get it.

But after a Mojang Account came forth that gave us sole access to our purchases so far and a direct way for all the other Mojang Games, things got pretty simple.

Minecraft is adventurous and fun with four different modes, making it a multiplayer game.

All the steps we followed go for how to get Minecraft Windows 10 for free with multiplayer, so no need to get confused anywhere with the process that we’ve understood and followed so far.

The modes that Minecraft offers are Survival, Creative, Hardcore, and Adventure.

These modes have their own variation that makes this entire experience a better one for each gamer out there and still in today’s time carries on to be popular among the gamer masses with an over-base of over 91 million players around the globe.

Hope that helped. Happy Gaming, ya’ll!😋

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