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PUBG Mobile India launch update 2021!

PUBG Mobile India
Written by James Michael

pubg mobile India download link is going to relaunch in India the official news came from pubg mobile India official channels

PUBG Mobile India is going to lanch in India coming soon

The pubg Mobile India got ban included the 119 other china apps are threats to the national security issue, the ban is held on the first Wednesday of September.

This is not the first time the Indian government ban the pubg mobile, this type of event happen before, All the Chinese app ban under the section 69A of the information technology Act the government said that the app is dangerous for the people of India for the leaking the information of the private data of the people without the permission from the user.

The banning of the pubg mobile India due to the partnership with the Tencent gaming with the pubg corporation, the function of the Tencent gaming is to provide the network server to the all over the world to all the player which was playing the pubg mobile game, And the Tencent gaming is the chines app and due to the security of the data of the people the government banned the all the china related app.

What pubg Mobile India is doing?

After the banning of the pubg mobile, the Tencent and pubg corporations try to rearrange thing for the government of India but all that effort goes to waste after that pubg corporation detaches to the Tencent gaming for India and the pubg corporations said that they going to start a Pubg mobile India version, the pubg mobile server for India only.

But for some time the pubg is ban in India, then at the time of the Diwali pung corporation of India is announced the pubg headquarters is held to be open in India that provides the only Indian server to the people of India.

So, till on the December, the pubg is still banned but the pubg corporation start to buy corporation for India to pubg mobile India it helps to the corporation to buy an Indian server to the people of India than they can start the separate Indian server.

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pubg Mobile India is going to launch in India Coming SOON!!

Latest on pubg Mobile India!

Till this date on the articles is posted the south Korean company pubg corporation has decided to the investment of $100 million (roughly Rs 734 crores) in the digital marketing for pubg Mobile India to start its own version of Battle royal game of PUBG in India.

In some days above there are some rumours spreads that pubg mobile is launch to granted in India, But its news has been denied from the government of India Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (meitY) as two recent posts. this amount of the data is given by the RTI fill by the people to know the information about the pubg Mobile India.

“MeitY does not grant permission for starting of any websites / mobile Apps/service. Accordingly, MeitY has not granted permission to pubg / pubg mobile India,” this is information is given by the ministry in response to the Two RTI fill by the MediaNama. This RTI is filled to know either krafton or pubg Corporation has got permission to launch an application or not.

After the ban, the pubg Corporation took over the pubg mobile franchise from the chines publisher Tencent gaming and started establishing its own office in India and strengthen the local business to strength it own game server and the game start to launch it own pubg Mobile India version and set up its own server.

So we all waiting to lanching of our best game that can we play in any place any time, it did not matter if we are travelling, studying waking in park gathering with the people and its time we can connect to the people every part of the country.

You can tell us about what is your vies on pubg ban in India and your expectation to the pubg Mobile Indian corporation you can comment us in the comment section

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